The main areas of activity in which NB:BN can provide expert services are addressed below, but the potential range is wide and so if your particular requirement is not specifically covered, please do still get on touch with your enquiry as it is likely that NB:BN can still meet your needs.



  • Mergers & acquisitions

  • Strategic divestments

  • Industry and target analysis

  • Due diligence on targets

The structure of the medical sterilization/industrial irradiation industries have been changing rapidly over the last few years. There have been many mergers and acquisitions as industry participation becomes more concentrated and the relative power of suppliers and customers changes. There are high costs of entry and exit, particularly for the Cobalt 60 based supply and use. However, strong positive economic factors make strategic moves within this arena attractive. The complexity, long-term nature and strong regulatory influences on infrastructure and decommissioning of these initiatives make careful industry analysis, investment appraisal and business planning vital at the early stages. NB:BN can help with all these aspects, having in depth first-hand experience of all the relevant activities in this area, including use of structured approaches utilising leading professional advisers.


  • Non-Executive Directorships: main/subsidiary companies

  • Private company shareholder/directors/management relations: objectives alignment

  • Joint Venture structures: formation and management

  • International JVs/shareholders: considerations

  • Effective Board Structures and Operation: sub-committees, Corporate Governance

Appropriate representation on Boards of Directors for Non-Executive Directors is now viewed as best practice for Corporate Governance to which quality organisations are committed. Busy executives in SMEs and private companies can struggle to find the time to devote to organising such development and the appropriate board and sub-committee structures (e.g. remuneration, business ethics, environmental etc). NB:BN can help in this area, ensuring high standards of Corporate Governance and effective Board function without onerous time requirements taking time away from key business issues for executive directors. Joint Venture companies, especially between international partners are difficult as business and cultural objectives can differ and change over time, requiring proactive planning to ensure participants continue to recognise a symbiotic ongoing relationship. With over 20 years of successful experience in this area NB:BN can help to ensure ongoing successful JV cooperation for your company if it is an avenue which seems appropriate for business development.


  • Brand Building/business launches 

  • Business/Marketing Plans 

  • Market Research/analysis

  • Establishing/optimising International distribution/sales networks.

  • Sales Team Management and Training. 

  • Key/large account management. 

  • Negotiation skills: contribution to active negotiations and training of staff


Establishing new business streams, using all aspects of marketing mix to achieve maximum impact, realising market share gains, differentiating product/service offering, using constrained marketing budgets for biggest possible returns. Organising presence at large industry conferences/exhibitions for high level targeted returns from different customer segments.

NB:BN has wide experience in launching businesses, managing marketing budgets and departments for efficiency and conference/exhibitions having attended, organised and led corporate promotional activity at many such events spanning over 20 years.

In industrial medical markets distribution and sales channels are crucial. Sales can be of high value and subject to a complex sales process requiring expert sales/negotiating resources. The selection of appropriate channels and recruitment and training of sales staff and representative and an appropriate mix of local and HQ-based sales and customer service resources is important for successful long-term sales. NB:BN has many years of experience in all the above facets of the sales process, being responsible for successful negotiation of multi-year, multi-million £/$ supply agreements with many service companies and medical device manufacturers.


  • Industrial Irradiation/Sterilization industry research/analysis.

  • Sterilization services and equipment/Co 60 supplier qualification and selection, including distribution channels.

  • Purchasing, use of radioisotopes, especially Co 60 but also may others for industrial, life science and medical applications.

  • Development of Radiation Source assembly operations, transport containers and shipping capabilities.

The structure of the Industrial Irradiation/Sterilization industry has changed significantly over the last few years and continues to change. The factors for success and the relative power of customers and suppliers has changed with it. These changes inevitably create commercial opportunities but, partly due to high costs of entry/exit, careful and thorough industry and competitor analysis is essential to make any strategic business, investment or acquisition opportunity a success. NB:BN has many years’ experience and intimate, detailed knowledge of the structure of the industry, the existing industry participants, including current and future potential Co 60 producers and reactor operators, has worked on much industry analysis and supplier evaluation and can use this expertise to help your company too.


  • New Supplier Development projects

  • Recycling and decommissioning projects

  • New Product/Service Development projects

  • New infrastructure/shipping container projects

Throughout business growth and development, specific projects arise which can often be ancillary to or parallel to ongoing core business. It is often difficult for executive staff to resource these appropriately whilst ensuring that annual sales and profit plans are achieved. These projects can be commercial, regulatory, logistics or operationally driven and often of a one-off or opportunistic nature. NB:BN has handled many such projects successfully, combining multi-disciplinary, internal and external resources to deliver complex multi-million £/$ projects on schedule and often realising significant commercial benefit to the organisation and can do the same for your organisation.