NB:BN, Neil Bennett, Cobalt 60 consultant

The founder of NB:BN Ltd, Neil Bennett, worked for over 35 years in various Health Science roles. Holding a 1stclass honours degree in Chemistry from a prominent UK Russell Group University and an MBA from a leading UK University Business School Neil applied these qualifications to a variety of technical sales, marketing and business management roles in various multinational and SME organisations. Resulting from these roles he has developed relationships with the key senior business and technical staff in all the main sterilization service providers worldwide and many of the largest medical device manufacturers. He was a founder Director of the International Irradiation Association, Organising Chairman of the 15thInternational Meeting on Radiation Processing in London 2008 and is a former officer and current member of the Panel on Gamma and Electron Irradiation. He has worked and travelled widely in over 90 countries worldwide with particular experience in the UK, Europe, USA, China and Japan.


These roles have included:

  • Managing Director of a UK limited company active in the medical device sterilization using Gamma irradiation field. Statutory UK Director, Chairman of Executive Board.         

  • Commercial (Sales & Marketing) Director, running an international sales team, overseas distributors, customer service and logistics teams.  Responsible for all direct and indirect marketing business analysis and planning. Organising with fellow directors, an MBO from a large multinational and growing Gamma Irradiation and specialist isotopes supply business ~ 500% before a sale through professional advisers to an industry buyer.

  • International Sales Manager; launching a new Gamma Irradiation business within a multinational and growing it though market share gains by ~400% before vertical integration into a JV supplier company.

  • Direct Export Manager for Middle East, Asia, Latin America for a range of Life Science, Healthcare and Industrial products.

  • Sales Manager, Sales Executive and Technical Support for the Middle East Region handling the same range of Healthcare, Life Science and Industrial products.

Other Experience Includes:

  • Executive Director of UK limited companies for >15 years

  • Non-executive Director of a UK registered company for ~10 years

  • Director of a Belgium company subsidiary

  • Director of a USA company subsidiary

  • Language ability in French, German, Arabic and Italian.

  • Member of the UK Institute of Directors

  • Extensive training in business programmes, sales, sales management, negotiation skills, key account management, leadership, questioning techniques, team building and staff management.